Watch STAL’s Beautiful Video For “Burning Desire”

Taken from the French artist’s forthcoming “Desire” EP

April 29, 2015

Hold on to your heartstrings. After spending the last two years as a touring member of M83's live band, French songwriter/producer Pierre-Marie Maulini – aka STAL–is coming through with his own brand of pop leaning, electronica-infused post-rock. "Burning Desire" is emotionally overwhelming in all the right ways, with its swells of washed-out guitar and shiny synth work completely in union with STAL's breathy falsettos. And as if that wasn't enough, the gorgeous video tells a story about what the French call a "moonchild," a boy with xeroderma pigmentosum looking to build a spaceship and break free of his disease.

STAL gave us some insight as to how it all came about: "The lyrics speak about the struggles we can face in our lifetime. If you read the lyrics literally, you could easily think of a love story that comes to an end. But there are open interpretations and I was super enthusiastic about the other angle the director came up with for the video, a moonchild who's fighting his disease and trying to live his dream." Watch the video for "Burning Desire" above and check out the "Burning" EP, available on iTunes and Spotify.

Lead image: Julien Mignot

Posted: April 29, 2015
Watch STAL’s Beautiful Video For “Burning Desire”