How Hannah Bronfman Stages Her Fitspirational Life

Real talk with Instagram’s coolest fitness star.

Photographer STEVEN BRAHMS
April 30, 2015
Hannah Bronfman

With nearly 150,000 followers, DJ and entrepreneur Hannah Bronfman's Instagram account is a popular destination for fitspo, or images that ostensibly inspire others to live a healthy, active life. She's aware that her flossy shots of boutique gym sessions and beach vacations may enrage some, but here's why she thinks they can empower, too.

Why document a life that's unattainable for the average Instagram user? The type of work that I do is aspirational, but at the end of the day what I talk about is following your dream and making it happen. The spirit of having the hustle and the drive—those are the themes that I'm trying to make relatable.

Can fitspo damage self-esteem? When people take healthy living to extremes, it's a really big turn-off. Having a healthy lifestyle doesn't limit you from fun, right? My following is very young and millennial, so I'm not trying to post that much of me drinking tequila or something, but there is something to be said about going out and partying and then waking up and going to a hot yoga class and sweating it out.

Do you have any formal photography training? I got a BA in Fine Arts from Bard, but I'm constantly inspired by people that I meet or discover on Instagram. I feel like in this day and age, if you're bad at taking Instagram photos, it's embarrassing.

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Do you use camera tricks to make shots more flattering? I don't think about the angles of my arms or my ass. I'm comfortable in my body. No matter how ripe and beautiful a peach can be, there's still going to be someone who hates peaches, you know? What matters is that I made it to the gym, and I'm going to tell everyone else.

Does Instagram ever get in the way? For me, part of me living is being able to photograph it. It doesn't mean that I'm enjoying life any less. You do your five minutes of taking photos of your breakfast, and then you sit and enjoy it.

Shot on location at S10 Training in NYC. Hair and make up "Glamsquad."

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How Hannah Bronfman Stages Her Fitspirational Life