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Newman Wolf’s “Sealand” Video Is Where Techno Meets The Tree Of Life

The A-side gets a stylish and hyper-personal clip.

April 30, 2015

In the video for L.A. producer Newman Wolf's "Sealand," the camera calmly cruises through every nook and cranny of a lived-in home: a retro kitchen, a backyard full of kitschy sculptures, a hive of bees clinging to a fence. Taken together, these shots are like a wordless but intimate family scrapbook, shot with a Malick-like stillness. Over email, Wolf tells The FADER that the Ezra Ewen-directed video was shot entirely at his grandmother's house in Los Angeles. Watching one sun-dappled scene fold into the next reminds me of visiting my own childhood home just before it was torn down: a little sad and nostalgic, but also oddly serene.

While the electronic track was created "entirely out of samples from YouTube," Wolf wanted the video to be more revealing. "[The house] is somewhere very personal to me. Pieces of my life and family are seen throughout. The climax of the video, the ending shot with the flashing panels, is a sculpture my dad and my aunt made together in the '70s. "Sealand" is the A-side to his soon to be self-released single; if you're in the L.A. area, he's performing on May 7th at California Institute of the Arts.

Lead Image: Ezra Ewen

Newman Wolf’s “Sealand” Video Is Where Techno Meets The Tree Of Life