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5 Things We Learned From Best Coast’s Reddit AMA

Who takes care of Bethany Cosentino’s cat, her favorite ‘90s band, and more.

May 04, 2015

Best Coast's third album, California Nights, hits stores tomorrow (May 5th). In advance of that release, frontwoman Bethany Cosentino answered questions during a Reddit AMA today, discussing various things she loves—from Seinfeld to the Jesus and Mary Chain. Check out a few highlights below.

Dream '90s band collaboration: "OASIS!" (Fav songs include "Live Forever," "Stand By Me," "Roll With It," and of course, "Wonderwall".)

Contemporary bands that she finds inspiring: "Tamaryn, Title Fight, Nothing, Bully, Alvvays, Wavves, Lana Del Rey, and Cherry Glazerr."

Favorite episode of Seinfeld: "This is such a hard question because my answer is always changing. I do love the pen episode though, when Elaine hurts her back from sleeping on the couch and she takes all the muscle relaxers and yells 'STELLA!' at the dinner. Literal LOL's at that one."

Favorite song she's ever written: "California Nights," the title track of her new album.

Favorite song someone else has written: "Right now my favorite song is 'You've Been a Friend' by The Jesus and Mary Chain."

Who takes care of Cosentino's beloved cat, Snacks, while she's on tour? "He stays with Nathan [Williams of Wavves] sometimes, sometimes my dad watches him, he is an independent little dude."

Sadly, Cosentino did not have time to answer the question "If you ever met Drake what would be the first thing you said to him?"

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Posted: May 04, 2015
5 Things We Learned From Best Coast’s Reddit AMA