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BOSCO Announces Fool’s Gold Signing, Shares “BOY”

She’s working on a zine, too.

May 07, 2015

One of '90s R&B's greatest achievements was the way it perfectly mixed soft vocals with hard beats. BOSCO is one of several singers returning to that decade for inspiration, incorporating its signature meld of textures, and bringing it into 2015. BOSCO has signed with Fool's Gold, and on June 2, she will be releasing her first-ever proper release, BOY EP. Today The FADER premieres a the first new from that project, the title-track "BOY."

"Boy" pits the singer's curling, breathy vocal against a bottom-heavy production by NEVR and REO. Still got the feeling, know you be creepin,' BOSCO sings. You just wanna keep me running faster/ I just gotta keep on running past ya. Jace from Atlanta rap collective Two-9 plays her male counterpart with a fluid verse. "'Boy' came about with songwriter and fellow Atlantan, Spree Wilson, on a late night in his Brooklyn apartment," the singer tells FADER. "I wanted to write a song that I wouldn't necessarily do, something a little different this time around. Some parts felt familiar, while others [felt] foreign but refreshing. The track already had this mod-90's vibe to start, so instinctively it felt right to write a song in that style."

For more BOSCO, pick-up her Tommy zine, which will focus on similar themes as those within the EP. Or, see her live tonight in Brooklyn where she'll be performing her first live acoustic set.

Photo credit: French Gold

Posted: May 07, 2015
BOSCO Announces Fool’s Gold Signing, Shares “BOY”