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Teleseen’s New Video Documents The Lives Of Brazilian Fishermen

The Rio band make music to sail away to, too.

May 07, 2015

One of the lovely things about the rise of the music video as the primary musical object is the proliferation of little windows into the lives of people in faraway worlds. Teleseen, the musical project of Rio de Janeiro producer Gabriel Cyr and multi-reedist Morgan Price, clearly agrees: for new single "Outlines," the band commissioned Brazilian filmmakers José Menezes and André Dip to make this micro-documentary about the fishermen of Ilhabela, an island off the coast of São Paulo state. The song's cheerfully complex rhythms find visual echoes in the vast nets dotted with the wriggling silver bodies of the fish that they reel in.

"Lately, I've been really obsessed with zouk and soukous in my listening habits," Cyr told The FADER. "I was working on some tunes with some Congolese musicians for a project of theirs, and the original riff of the song came out of those sessions. I ended up fleshing the whole thing out with my keyboard playing and some percussion at a friend's studio in Rio, in the cracks of another session. I like the way the tune contrasts a sunny tropical vibe against the colder electronic elements, and so when I hooked up with the directors of the video here in São Paulo, we wanted to make a video that went along with that idea." Feel Up Records will release Teleseen's new album, Strangers, on June 9th.

Teleseen’s New Video Documents The Lives Of Brazilian Fishermen