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23 Futurist Looks To Copy From PC Music’s New York Rave


Photographer Alex Welsh
May 11, 2015
AG cooking

PC Music is as infamous for their eye-popping aesthetics as they are for the saccharine digi-pop producers like A.G. Cook cook up for QT, Hannah Diamond, GFOTY and more. The sugary, polarizing U.K. dance label often seems tailor-made for the digital age, best experienced through touch-screens and laptop speakers, but we jumped at the chance to witness their theatrics in real life on Friday night, when they took over the BRIC House in Brooklyn for Pop Cube, an immersive concert/film experience presented by Red Bull Music Academy. Outside there was a red carpet, lined with limousines, paparazzi and TV cameras. As expected, PC Music fans showed up decked out in looks that you'd have to be brave to put on and fierce to pull off.

Ida, 24
Dave, 21
Vince, 22. Matt, 24
Gage, 30
Clifford, 29
Paris, 22
Sam, 21
Matt, 21
Ben, 22
Bip, 16
Michelle, 26
Alex, 26
Eric, 26
Beau, 26
23 Futurist Looks To Copy From PC Music’s New York Rave