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Traxman Gets Extra Twisted On “Keep It In Yo Mouf”

The first single from the Chicago footwork mainstay’s upcoming EP on Hoko Sounds.

May 11, 2015

On the heels of last year's Mind of The Traxman Vol 2—as well as a smattering of banging mixes and digital releases—Chicago footwork/juke/ghetto house veteran Traxman, aka Cornelius Ferguson, has an new EP coming up on Pittsburgh label Hoko Sounds. It's called TEKLIVING Part 2, and is seemingly a follow-up to his bandcamp-only ode to the Teklife way from last May. No album art or release date just yet—though Hoko just let loose this first single, "Keep It In Yo Mouf."

Compared with some of the hyper-romantic, soul and funk-heavy constructions he's become known for in recent years, this one's a bit sparser and held back—just an aggressively flipped clip of verse over a beat that feels perpetually on the verge of dropping, but never really does. Somehow, though, it sounds all the more mind-boggling and un-tamed for its simplicity—and that's probably due in no small part to the incessant repetition of the words keep it in yo mouf, which could be read either as a diss (as in, "shut up,") or something wholly more mischievous. Listen to Traxman's FADER Mix, and look out for TEKLIVING Part 2 on vinyl this summer.

Traxman Gets Extra Twisted On “Keep It In Yo Mouf”