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submerse Speeds Up The Seduction Process On “whyarntyou”

The English producer pushes the tempo with thrilling results.

May 12, 2015

The English producer submerse navigates the tricky space between sultry R&B grooves and full-tilt club music. Today FADER is premiering a new track from the artist, "whyarntyou," which finds him pushing further into this territory than ever before. "This track, like a few others on the Stay Home EP, is the first time for me working around the 160bpm range," the producer tells FADER. "I wanted to build something around 160 that had a footwork kind of vibe that could sit towards the end of the EP," he adds. "Something that would sound smooth but that also has enough groove and knock to work in a club." "whyarntyou" shows no signs of inexperience, as a gentle chord progression and perky vocal samples wash easily again a frenetic beat—like seduction music for people in a hurry. Stay Home EP is out 26th May via Project: Mooncircle.

Posted: May 12, 2015
submerse Speeds Up The Seduction Process On “whyarntyou”