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Gwilym Gold’s “Triumph” Finds Peace In The Midst Of Chaos

It’s a “hymn to hubris,” says the London artist.

May 13, 2015

The lovely thing about London singer/musician Gwilym Gold's new single "Triumph" is its marriage of wildly disparate moving parts. The drums beat at the speed of a bumblebee's wings, while piano chords melt at the pace of snow. Those opposing forces create a gentle suspension that holds the attention, cradle-like, while Gold's wry lyrics soar above. "I started writing 'Triumph' over a rhythm Hyetal sent me," Gold told The FADER. "It started out as some kind of work out and grew into one of the cornerstones of the album. I guess I see it as some kind of hymn to hubris." Brille Records will release Gwilym Gold's new album, A Paradise, on June 22nd.

Photo credit: Polly Brown

Gwilym Gold’s “Triumph” Finds Peace In The Midst Of Chaos