Binge-Stream Tanlines’ New Album ‘Highlights’

“When bae is away, all hell breaks loose in this dramedy of love, loneliness and longing.”

May 13, 2015

Tanlines' sophomore album Highlights is now available for streaming on the band's Netflix-imitating home page. The site offers a description of the whole album—a "startling original series in which themes of love and desire replace questions of the unknown"—and, even better, synopses for each song on the record: in "Slipping Away," for example, "Our hero has been poisoned with an insatiable desire to drink from the fountain of eternal life...soon he'll find that love is the only antidote."

Physical copies of Highlights will be available May 19th, but the band advises binge-listening while you wait. You can watch Tanlines' recently-released video for album-opener "Pieces" here.

Lead Image: Karl Walter / Getty Images

Posted: May 13, 2015
Binge-Stream Tanlines’ New Album ‘Highlights’