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French Montana Back Home In Morocco

The FADER took French back to Morocco for the first time in 2012. In May he went again, to play a show.

May 15, 2015

In 2012, The FADER took French Montana back to his native Morocco for the first time. The result was a must-read cover story, where he reunited with his estranged father, introduced his youngest brother to the country, celebrated Ramadan with aunts, and rode a camel.


On May 8, French went back to Morocco for his second trip since leaving as a teen, to host a night at Club 555 in Marrakech. French has received many offers for appearances in the country, a rep said. The appearance is documented in the above video, shot and edited by Naj Wareham. In it, French sips red wine and hangs out with a magician on the street.

“This video will give you a small idea of how incredible it has been for me to come back home and share my music with my people,” French said. "I left Morocco when I was 13 and the first time ever going back was when I shot the FADER cover. Now, it's amazing to see this much love from my people.”

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French Montana Back Home In Morocco