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Andra Day Premieres “Forever Mine”

A preview of her forthcoming debut, Cheers To The Fall.

May 18, 2015

Classically trained and YouTube-famous singer Andra Day is gearing up for a busy summer. In addition to a number of marquee appearances (BET Awards, Cannes, and ESSENCE Festival) and a feature on Netflix's What Happened Miss Simone? soundtrack, Day is expected to release her debut album, Cheers To The Fall, via Buskin and Warner Bros. Premiering on The FADER today, the first single off that album is a sauntering, Flamingos-cribbing "love song to God" called "Forever Mine" that showcases her big-bodied voice and her old soul alike. "Finding that love and level of peace was different from anything I'd experienced," she tells The FADER.

Have a listen above, and definitely do keep an eye out for the official video—word has it the great Spike Lee signed up to direct after catching one of Day's performances at Sundance.

Andra Day Premieres “Forever Mine”