The Revenge Of Dial-Up Internet

A new Tumblr is devoted to recreating the sounds made by a dial-up modem.

May 18, 2015

Back in the day, aspiring internet users were forced to wait for their computer to connect to the internet through a dial-up modem. While the connection was being established, you were treated to stream of garbage noise, as if you were on hold with a trash compactor while it was flattening a car. That cacophony has now inspired a new tumblr, peoplemakingdialupnoise, which involves people trying to mimic the sound of the modem as it searches for internet. The video above offers a reminder of the dial-up sound for younger readers who grew up in the wireless age. Below, watch some thrill-seekers attempt to recreate the modem's racket a capella.


Lead Image: Mario Tama / Getty Images

The Revenge Of Dial-Up Internet