Does This Kanye West Video Game Double As A Recruitment Tool For A Cult?

Playing ‘Kanye Quest’ took one writer to a strange place.

May 18, 2015

Kanye made headlines last night for jumping through fire and facing censorship, which is nothing new—his ability to create those sorts of stirs on a regular basis is one of his greatest talents. But a different, far stranger piece of Kanye news popped up on the internet recently: according to the video game site Kotaku, the game Kanye Quest—which involves the MC rap-battling his way through the future—may be doubling as a recruitment tool for a cult.


The writer of the story, Patricia Hernandez, was tipped off by an anonymous user who claimed to have found a path through the game that had never been reported before, even though Kanye Quest has been out for a while. Hernandez followed the user’s instructions and reached a point where the game sent her an unusual message: “Congratulations! You have proven yourself to be an open-minded and curious thinker. We must apologise for deceiving you, but we can reveal that the game you were playing until this point was a ‘front’ constructed to protect what you are currently accessing. We must ask that you do not reveal this area to the public.” If you make it even further, she writes, the game asks the player for his/her personal information with a prompt that warns, “We may attempt to contact you directly.”

Though Hernandez can’t confirm the connection, the anonymous user who originally tipped her to the strange alternate route has a theory that link this game space to a cult. It’s all very Hollywood—read the full story here.

Lead Image: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Does This Kanye West Video Game Double As A Recruitment Tool For A Cult?