Radiooooo Is The Only Good Music Website

We mean it this time!

May 18, 2015

The music internet can seem endlessly vast, but everyone can pack it up, because Radiooooo has won it once and for all. The webpage allows you to stream music from radio playlists across dozens of countries over the past ten decades. It's in beta now, features a few buttons and nobs to fiddle with, and looks like it will soon include direct links to purchase individual songs. For now, here's a couple of our favorite finds from the four hours we've already spent playing around with it: Japanese Beatles covers, Bahamanian psych-funk, Argentinian Madonna—where was this over the weekend when we needed it???

Lalo Guerrero, "Marihuana Boogie" (Mexico, 1950s)

Warda, "Ou Mali Bass" (Egypt, 1970s)

Divina Gloria, "Desnudita Es Mejor" (Argentina, 1980s)

Tokyo Beatles, "Dakishimeta (I Wanna Hold Your Hand)" (Japan, 1960s)

Sonu Nigam & Alisha Chinoy, "Rang Rang Mare" (India, 2000s)

Salma Agha, "Come Closer" (India, 1980s)

Exuma, "The Obeah Man" (Bahamas, 1970s)

Radiooooo Is The Only Good Music Website