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Raindear Waxes Existential In A Flower Crown In “Human Kind” Video

The Swedish singer sets humanity’s failures to sweat synth-pop.

May 18, 2015

A murky wash of synth-pop, Raindear's "Human Kind" bares a surprisingly hefty existential load. "It's about humanity's failures, like war, cults, greed and how we're raised to not ever take risks, to always stay 'inside the box' and live a life as a robot," the Swedish singer explained in an email to The FADER. "It's about how we speed through life and forget the important stuff, and how we raise our kids into ruin our planet. It's about how we're doing all these things everyday for no reason in a larger perspective, but we try to survive to keep doing them and then when night comes our only wish is to make it to the next day, safe and sound. But deep inside we're all close to a nervous breakdown."

Accordingly, Raindear filmed the video for "Human Kind" at the Burning Man festival last year. Dreamy and sepia toned, it might actually help quell the anxiety the above quote might have stirred in you. Watch above, leave the nervous breakdown till tomorrow.

Raindear Waxes Existential In A Flower Crown In “Human Kind” Video