LuckyMe Band NAKED Tiptoes Between Agony And Ecstasy In “Bubble” Video

This Edinburgh trio already feel addictive.

May 21, 2015

The bodies of LuckyMe-signed dream pop band NAKED contort into abstract monochromatic shapes in the video for "Bubble," twisting this way and that in the throes of ecstasy—or is it agony? I yearn, I yearn, I yearn, I yearn, sings frontwoman Gryczkowska, and by the end of the video, so do I. It's the kind of song that gets under the skin and into the blood stream like lightening.


"'Bubble' is about modern life, modern cities, realizing that they are no more than contemporary ruins," NAKED's Agnes Gryczkowska told The FADER. "Ruins in progress, soon to be abandoned and forgotten like Carthage, like Troy, like Persepolis. If we stop to acknowledge and explore these ruins, then in a way we are mediating on our own inevitable deaths as well as acknowledging the hubris of our civilization. Everything returns to dust, no matter how tall the towers rise; no matter how bright the glass sparkles, collapse is always inevitable. This idea isn't a depressing one, but rather a liberating one. This is why the video seeks to explore a spectrum of emotions, not least ecstasy." NAKED's debut EP, Youth Mode, is out now via LuckyMe. Listen out for a debut album next year.

Photo credit: Christina Kernohan

LuckyMe Band NAKED Tiptoes Between Agony And Ecstasy In “Bubble” Video