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Listen To Ang Low And Embody’s Transatlantic Collaboration, “Drive”

Dance your woes away.

May 27, 2015

As the story goes, "Drive"—the transatlantic collaboration between Brooklyn electro-soul singer Ang Low and Hackney producer Embody—is the product of one bad night and few emails back and forth.

"I was over it all. The drama of the city. I was trippin' about the job and my shitty check," Ang Low told The FADER over email. "I went home and started writing about getting away. I remember being frustrated as I wrote it because I couldn't play the piano cause I had fucked up a finger."


And this is where Embody comes in: "I think the first remix I have ever done was for Ang Low's track 'Can't Describe Her.' It turned out that he really liked it and I loved his voice, so we decided to work on some music together. A few emails later, 'Drive' was born."

The result is a shimmering, thumping, twitching dance number perfectly suited for dancing your woes away. Listen below.

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Listen To Ang Low And Embody’s Transatlantic Collaboration, “Drive”