Watch The Debut Video From The Crew Turning London Nightlife Upside Down

Endgame, Kamixlo, Blaze Kidd and Uli K are bringing their own anthemic, ambitious take on dance music to London, all while sipping Cîroc.

May 27, 2015

South Londoner Endgame is one of a kind in the UK capital right now. Whether it's through his parameter-stretching NTS Radio show or the club nights he helps run (I'm using the term "club" loosely here; you're more likely to catch the semi-regular night Endless in a disused office block or the back room of a restaurant), the producer is taking the city's sound to more ambitious places.


While his Soundcloud and mixes are stuffed full of glistening, playful and sinister tracks that flip the bird to carbon copy 4/4 dance music, "Sniper Redux" is Endgame's biggest tune to date. Beginning life as "Sniper Riddim"—Endgame's own twisted take on Angolan dance genre kizomba—on his self-titled debut EP, the track took on a life of its own when blue-haired producer Kamixlo, Ecuadorian-British MC Blaze Kidd and vocalist/producer Uli K jumped on the beat.

"This track is really important to me because it's a really pure collaboration between close friends, we each gave everything without knowing what would come out of it. It came about when I asked Kamixlo to do an edit of 'Sniper Riddim,'" Endgame told The FADER over email. "He gave it this really powerful and anthem-like energy, and it seemed obvious that Blaze Kidd and Uli K should add vocals. The contrast between their vocals is what makes the track so exciting for me; Blaze has this perfect Kevlar flow, and Uli’s verse is heartbreaking and beautiful."

Whether they're passing a joint in the stairwell or a bottle of Cîroc in the back of their Uber, the crew's video for the track captures one endless night in Brixton (courtesy of director Jim Alexander). Hop in the back seat and enjoy the ride above.

Watch The Debut Video From The Crew Turning London Nightlife Upside Down