Listen To This Gut-Splitting Ballad From Creepoid

The Philly band is shaking our hearts.

May 28, 2015

Creepoid is the Philly-based four-piece of vocalist/guitarist Sean Miller, bassist Anna Troxel, drummer Patrick Troxell, and lead guitarist Nick Kulp. Their third album, Cemetery Highrise Slum, is out on June 23rd via Geoff Rickly's Collect Records, and today, we're debuting "Shaking," a trembly-voiced slow jam that sees their addictingly romantic shoegaze sound at its most jagged and tormented. It's feels like the ideal soundtrack for any late-night moment when you're feeling buzzed and alone and down in the dumps, but according to Miller, it's about a very specific kind of loneliness.

"For me, this song represents a longing for the past," he told The FADER via email. "As time goes by, you start to notice many of the people you grew up with have cashed in their chips and given up on themselves as individuals or critical thinkers. Perhaps the shimmer has gone from their eyes and they resent you for keeping yours, maybe they've remained the same and it's you who has changed. Regardless, the path you all shared at one point is undeniable, and the memory of it comes with an everlasting sense of fondness that is simultaneously unforgettable and unattainable. I will always love the place where I grew up, even if it's only for what it once was or what I perceived it to be at the time. That fond sadness is at the heart of this track."

Listen To This Gut-Splitting Ballad From Creepoid