Listen To Blooms’ Sateen “Love”

The London songstress looks back.

May 28, 2015

London's Louise Cunnane, whose project Blooms might be named in the same breath as sateen-voiced songstresses like Banks or Kacy Hill, returns with a new song called "Love" today. More of the shimmering, electro-R&B that she first impacted with in 2014, she describes it as a reflection on her quick rise. "'Love' is a reflection on my first EP," she told The FADER. "Remembering all of the great parts—which is so easily done after the breakdown of anything—but then strongly reminding myself that I have come too far to come back. I have been locked in this weird little personal battle and I refuse to be defined by it."

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Listen To Blooms’ Sateen “Love”