MEISHI SMILE Debuts “Breathe”

Hear a new single from the Zoom Lens labelhead.

May 28, 2015

MEISHI SMILE's phenomenal FADER mix last week also served as the announcement of the L.A. producer and Zoom Lens labelhead's new album, …belong. "The title is about representation of the you," he said in an accompanying interview, explaining how he's trying to make music that supports people on their own terms. "The indentation signifies hesitance when attempting to speak on behalf of your inner most self. The only thing you truly belong to is your own."

"Breathe" will not feature on the new album, but as the first new MEISHI SMILE single since last year's LUST LP it's a good look at where the music's at now. The vocals on "Breathe" are blotted about by processing, so they're almost saying something directly but then backing away; by virtue of not being easy to tell straight, the sentiment comes through all the more clear. "My desire to write a very simple love song, which felt simultaneously synthetic and cold," MEISHI SMILE told The FADER over email. "The detachment we experience throughout certain feelings is perhaps a meaning that we truly care. To feel numb with absence to feeling is a struggle within itself. I want to feel warm even if it were to hurt. The song is about that feeling of suffocation and longing for that experience." Stream it below and buy it here.

MEISHI SMILE Debuts “Breathe”