Shazam Expands Beyond Music

You can now use the app to scan products and posters.

May 28, 2015

Shazam is growing too: the company didn’t announce its new direction with a massive event like Spotify, but the popular phone app has moved beyond music. Now you can Shazam objects, images, posters—anything sporting a Shazam logo. For the new venture, the company partnered with several media enterprises—Time Inc., Conde Nast, and HarperCollins—as well as retailers like Levi’s. Shazam-ing a movie poster or Meghan Trainor tote bag will give you access to new exclusive content, including behind the scenes videos and coupons.


In other Shazam-related news, the company recently revealed that it can predict the No. 1 hit in the country more than a month in advance.

Shazam Expands Beyond Music