Migos Talk Working With Chance The Rapper On Surf<”i>’ "He's Cool As”Hell"

“Shout out to Chance The Rapper, we fuck with him the long way.”

May 29, 2015

Donnie Trumpet and The Social Experiment’s community-oriented, free album Surf features a staggering number of collaborations. There’s Big Sean, J. Cole, Janelle Monae, Jeremih, Erykah Badu, BJ The Chicago Kid, Raury, Francis of Francis and the Lights, and more. But the album’s verse from Quavo of Migos, on “Familiar,” which also features King Louie, is a personal highlight.

Chance The Rapper mentioned he’d collaborated with and been impressed by Migos when he previewed snippets of Surf for The FADER staff back in November 2014, just after Migos’ The FADER cover story was released. This March, when Migos stopped by to talk about their upcoming debut album, they said the admiration was mutual.


“Chance is way different,” said Quavo, who met Chance in November 2013, when the two performed together in Atlanta. “That was our first time doing ‘Hannah Montana’ to a live band. Shout out to Chance The Rapper, we fuck with him the long way."

Quavo and Offset said they’d both recorded their own “crazy” songs with Chance. (Offset's does not appear on Surf.) “When we got into his lane, he liked how we did it,” Offset said. “When he was playing music I was telling him like, ‘Pull that up! We can do whatever!’ He's a real professional at his songs. He'll be working on songs for six months, eight months. He's cool as hell.”

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