Lil Durk Plays Coy On “Why Me”

He really doesn’t know why your girl wants him. Honestly.

May 30, 2015
Lil Durk Plays Coy On “Why Me” Ilya S. Savenok / Getty Images

Is it the car? Is it his Chicago heritage? Is it his debut album Remember My Name, out this Tuesday on Def Jam? On "Why Me" Lil Durk pretends not to know why he's the centre of attention. This subtle and sarcastic twist elevates the track, and gives Durk's bragging a gleeful burst. London On Da Track's cryptic production bubbling underneath solidifies the tune as the teen movie bad guy's theme song, but you'll root for him anyway. Stream the track on Melody Spots, via Fake Shore Drive.

Lil Durk Plays Coy On “Why Me”