Jay Z Wants You To “Fuck The Summer Up” With His Tidal Playlist

He gives the Tidal stamp of approval to youngsters like Post Malone, Kehlani, and Leikeli47.

June 01, 2015

Curation is a crucial aspect of any musician’s job these days. No one can release enough material to keep the internet happy—with the possible exception of Young Thug—but a good way to keep people interested in you is to turn them on to other good stuff. Jay Z is not as well known for this as say, Drake (all the co-signs, the Sotheby’s exhibit) or Kanye (a vocal supporter of Teyana Taylor, Pusha T, and Big Sean). But Jay has a streaming service at his disposal, and he's started to take advantage of it: today he unveiled a playlist titled “Fuck The Summer Up.” It’s pretty evenly split between big names with big hits, many of which have been around for a while—Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen,” Nicki’s “Truffle Butter,” Drake’s “Know Yourself”—and up-and-comers: Post Malone, Leikeli47 (though the song that gives the playlist its title came out last summer), and Kehlani. Though Beyonce is a noted fan of D.R.A.M.’s “Cha Cha,” that tune did not make it on to Jay’s list.


Kehlani was excited to make the cut:

when you make it to Jay Z'S TIDAL playlist. #HOV 🙌🙌

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Jay Z Wants You To “Fuck The Summer Up” With His Tidal Playlist