Watch The Colorful Video For TALsounds’s Melancholy “Talk Alone”

The Chicago artist nails the sensation of talking yourself into knots.

June 01, 2015

TALsounds is the nom de plume of Chicago artist Natalie Chami. When she's not teaching music at Chicago High School for the Arts, Chami makes keyboard jams for contemplative moments. "Talk Alone" is taken from her recently released album, All The Way, and it pivots on the overthinking we're all prone to at times. This VHS clip for it by L.A.-based artist Sarah Zucker translates the stinging sensation of talking yourself into knots as colorful glitches in the matrix.


"I recorded the songs on this album chronologically, so they represent a kind of timeline for me, with certain emotions or memories reflected in each session," TALsounds told The FADER. "'Talk Alone' was recorded on a night that I wanted to try and use my new 404 sampler. It just so happened that as I began to play, I started freaking out a little emotionally, becoming annoyed with my own cycling-through thoughts [about a relationship], knowing they couldn't be resolved without a conversation. I remember feeling sad, thinking, 'Man, this dual-sided relationship maybe only exists in my head—maybe there is no relationship at all, and it's all me.' This take was the first one I did, recorded live with no overdubs. I actually tried to re-record it, but it never felt the same or sounded as good as the first time." All The Way is out now on Chicago's Hausu Mountain.

Watch The Colorful Video For TALsounds’s Melancholy “Talk Alone”