DIIV Will Make Your Dreams Come True

As long as you have $10,000.

June 03, 2015

When it comes to fundraising in a jaded, cynical world full of competing Kickstarter campaigns, you have to get creative, so that's what the band Diiv did to help Houseworld—"a new surrealist immersive theater performance"—raise money for a new season. If you're willing to put up $1,000, Houseworld characters ("volunteer artists") will reenact your dream for you. So far, one person has shelled out for that experience.

But if you're willing to commit $10K, you get to have your dream rendered live by Diiv. This opportunity is only available for three people, or possibly one super-rich superfan with several recurring dreams. You can donate.read more about Houseworld here, and check out FADER's Gen F on Diiv.


Lead Image: Jason Kempin / Getty Images

DIIV Will Make Your Dreams Come True