Dream Koala’s Huge “EARTH” Video Will Make You Feel Tiny

“I wanted to illustrate the fragility of the human race.”

June 03, 2015

"As a child I spent days drawing fantastical creatures and impossible landscapes, my imagination was an endless playground where I loved losing myself," says Yndi Ferreira, aka Dream Koala, speaking over email to The FADER. These days, the 20 year old French/Brazilian artist translates that restless creativity into his ambitious electronic pop, which in itself creates "impossible landscapes." On last year's single "EARTH," he asks: have you ever seen the light of a thousand suns? Before you can think of a reasonable answer, the track explodes open into a horizon that feels lightyears wide.

Naturally, in the single's video—premiering below—we get to soak up Ferreira's vast creation while viewing Earth from the POV of an outer space explorer. "When I met directors Adrien [Peze] and Albin [Merle, aka Fabulous], we immediately understood each other," says Ferreira. "For 'EARTH,' we knew we had to build a sort of blockbuster. The lyrics are somewhat prophetic and mystical. What I wanted to illustrate through the words and the music video is the fragility of the human race against the titanic forces of nature. Our anthropocentrism makes us forget that nature will eventually annihilate the men, but that life always will pave a path through the ages.”

Dream Koala’s Huge “EARTH” Video Will Make You Feel Tiny