Stefana Fratila’s “Heartland” Will Make You Homesick

The Vancouver-based artist’s echoing vocals and intense beat will have you hooked.

June 03, 2015

Romanian-born, Vancouver-based electronic producer Stefana Fratila evokes an intense sense of longing on the echoey “Heartland” from her forthcoming album, Efemera. From the opening lyric, Heartland getting passed around like chronic, Fratila shares her personal struggles with “continual headaches and pains and thinking a lot about the impermanence of the feeling of missing," she told The FADER.

“I intended "Heartland" to be listened to on a road-trip or a train ride," she continued. "It's a song to listen to while in motion, brimming with an intoxicating nostalgia of missing home, or the 'Heartland', which for me has always been split between two places, Canada and Romania.” Efemera drops June 21 and is available for pre order here.

Stefana Fratila’s “Heartland” Will Make You Homesick