Fetty Wap Talks Kanye, His New Look And Private Jets On Hot 97

“Verse hook verse. Next song. Verse hook verse. Next song.”

June 04, 2015

Fetty Wap has been one of the biggest success stories of 2015. He'll be playing his growing number of irresistible hits at this weekend's Summer Jam, so the soft-spoken star stopped by Hot 97's Ebro In The Morning show yesterday to discuss his new look, how he works in the studio, and the pros and cons of celebrity. Read highlights from the conversation below.


On his connection with Kanye: "Just good music. He told me liked the song, he rocked with it, he told the whole world that’s one of his favorite songs right now. I never was the type of person to keep bothering people. He’d just hit me periodically out of nowhere and be like, 'yo bro I’m proud of you,' and I’d hit him and say, 'thank you for everything you did for me.'"

On his new dreads: "They’re real dreads, but I didn’t grow them. It’s a lady that I know from Newark. She didn’t give them to me, she cut her hair off. You just don’t put anybody’s hair on your head. Since I did it, the last songs I recorded have all been some of the hottest songs I did, just from the good energy I’ve been getting."

On being a role model: "I ain’t trying to be no role model for nobody. I got my own kids. When you put yourself in that predicament, people look at you a certain way, you gotta move a certain way, you gotta talk a certain way, you gotta post certain things, and I’m gonna do what I want until I die. But I try to do it in a respectful manner."

On his studio process: "I learned my work ethic from [Gucci Mane]. When I go into the studio I don’t leave until I make at least 20, 30 songs. Full songs. Verse hook verse. Next song. Verse hook verse. Next song."

On rapping vs. singing: "What I feel should go on a song, I just do it."

On the bad parts of celebrity: "I gotta buy a jet. I don’t like airplanes. We gotta go through a long security check."

On the good parts of celebrity: "Calling my mother, calling my son’s mother, calling my daughter’s mother, asking them where they want to go? Being like, what you feeling like doing today? You wanna go to California? You wanna go to Hawaii? Where you wanna go?"

Fetty Wap Talks Kanye, His New Look And Private Jets On Hot 97