Gucci’s Newest Collection Makes Zero Sense

And it’s pretty great.

June 04, 2015

In the tangle of retail, avant-garde, haute-couture, and luxury brands that comprise the fashion sphere, it's easy to feel a little helpless. There's a beauty and inspirational element to it, surely, and much of fashion's momentum in 2015 comes from its direct engagement with music and art and celebrity and the global fashion week merry-go-round. Gucci's 2016 cruise collection, held in June's inter-seasonal lull, was a dreamy little production. Throwback silhouettes, shamelessly joyful patterns, Binx Walton with a rose boutonniere and dorky blazer. A nonsensical play set in an imaginary era and made-up place that you only barely understand but still, desperately, want to be a part of. Isn't this what fashion should be? Lol.


All Images: Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

Gucci’s Newest Collection Makes Zero Sense