Rico Love Walks You Through A Breakup On “Weak”

“I feel like the strongest thing a man can do is allow himself to be weak for someone he loves.”

June 04, 2015

Rico Love dropped a new song last night which would have fit easily next to the tracks on his recent solo debut, Turn The Lights On. "Weak" is a gentle break-up tune with a simple, tender refrain: "can’t explain how your loving makes me weak." Halfway through, Love injects a light beat that leans towards the dance floor and leaves the door open for a high-powered club remix. "They won’t play this on the radio, I know," he sings. "Still I’m gonna pour out my soul and you’ll hear it I hope." That’s the ultimate concession from a man who has helped define the sound of radio R&B.


If you missed Turn The Lights On, try "Days Go By," and read FADER's interview with Love.

Rico Love Walks You Through A Breakup On “Weak”