The Way You Shop On Instagram Is About To Majorly Change

But the new functionality could be a double-edged sword.

June 04, 2015

We've been here for Instashops for a while now, but even we can admit it's always been a slightly disjointed process. When you see something you love, you either have to call the store to give them your payment and shipping information (though, usually only once) and comment "ring me," or email the seller directly to express your interest.

That's all about to change. Instagram has unveiled a new "Shop Now" button that will allow users to purchase the things they covet directly, no phone calls necessary. While the tool's primary application will probably be to incentivize potential advertisers, it will also hopefully, eventually benefit the individual Instashops you already love. An interview with Adweek, however, makes it clear that the new functionality's priorities are about the app and its owner, Facebook's, bottom lines.


As Adweek reports, "The API comes polished—able to manage, track and measure marketing campaigns—thanks to borrowed technology and lessons learned from Facebook, said James Quarles, Instagram's global head of business and brand development. Advertisers can reach users based on more than just their ages and genders, targeting interests gleaned from Facebook profiles."

Though nothing new in the social media game, the personalization aspect is slightly disconcerting. But with algorithms sophisticated enough to identify the brands you actually like (stop trying to sell me on Banana Republic, Instagram) the future of in-app shopping seems pretty bright.

The Way You Shop On Instagram Is About To Majorly Change