YouTube Could Change The Way Artists Tour

The company revealed a new tool called Music Insights.

June 04, 2015

There’s plenty of myths about touring that present a rosy picture of a tight-knit group criss-crossing the whole country in a van, winning new fans one at a time. YouTube revealed a new tool recently that might make this romantic image even more out of touch with reality. According to Techcrunch, Music Insights will allow bands to see where their videos are getting views and plan a tour accordingly. It could even impact a set list, since the group can see what songs get the most plays in what areas. David King, YouTube’s group product manager on Music Insights, told Techcrunch that services like this will continue to set YouTube apart from all its competitors. "YouTube remains unique in its global audience and the breadth of "that audience," he said. “While [Pandora and Spotify] have a good sized audience, neither has the global reach that we have."


Lead Image: AFP / Getty Images

YouTube Could Change The Way Artists Tour