French Producer Fakear’s “Venus” Goes Around The World And Beyond

Planetary production for all your Mercury in retrograde needs.

June 05, 2015

Fakear, born Théo Le Vigoureux in Caen, France, is a 23 year-old producer making beats that circulate the global neighborhood of electronic music—in no small part because of the diverse collection of sounds that Fakear samples in his work. For example, "Venus" is a twinkling, exuberant number off Fakear's newest EP, Asakusa, and true to the project's Japanese namesake, its delicately plucked melodies are reminiscent of traditional East Asian string instruments. On the other hand, bubbly synths and resonant drums lie beneath chopped and looped vocals whose sound suggests an origin point further west.

"It's an old song," Fakear told The FADER in an email, "the only one in this EP that I composed before summer. It's a track I used to play live, and I chose to abandon it, but many people said, 'What's this song you played last time?' It's kind of a gift to people who follow me!" Listen to "Venus" below and watch out for Asakusa, out in the US June 29th. In the meantime, you can download Fakear's other EPs here.

French Producer Fakear’s “Venus” Goes Around The World And Beyond