This Real Lies Video Captures A Perfect Slice Of London Nightlife

Desperate dreaming abounds in the London trio’s “Seven Sisters” clip.

June 05, 2015

"Seven Sisters" by London trio Real Lies was one of The FADER's songs of the week a bit back and now it's got a video that amplifies its desperate dreaming to an almost physical ache. Set in north London, and partly filmed at a local club that's now sadly closed down—I only went the once but it tasted like something real—the video tracks a night out on the town from the build-up to the after-party. Heads up: the song's central lyric—No first kiss could explain/ Love, in the decade with no name—will be echoing round your head for the rest of the day.


"The track comes from when me and Tom were living in a shit flat a couple of minutes from the 24-hour McDonald’s on Seven Sisters Road," Real Lies' Kev Kharas told The FADER. "We never spent any time at home, a) because it was basically a narrow tunnel dug into the earth and b) we were going out too much. The track was made on the rare occasion we’d both be in at the same time and invariably we’d be desperate to be out again, so that’s basically why it sounds like it does: two people who just want to be out all the time."

"For the last 18 months, we've putting on our own night at this club on Holloway Road called Peoples," he continues. "It's been there since the '80s, but it got shut down last month by the council. Without wanting to sound mawkish it was a special place for us, so we decided to film the video there with Bossman, the owner, and all our mates who’d come down to Eternal once a month. It was important to us not to just let that moment in time pass by." "Seven Sisters" is taken from Real Lies' upcoming debut album on Marathon.

This Real Lies Video Captures A Perfect Slice Of London Nightlife