This 25-Year-Old Punk Song About Pizza Still Applies

“Domino’s thin crust tastes like shit,” at least according to this weird ‘90s band.

June 05, 2015

I was an adult when I first came across Old Skull, a '90s punk band comprised of some loud and passionate skateboarding knuckleheads from Wisconsin. They formed the group when they were preteens and were still super young when they released "Pizza Man," a hardcore paean chronicling their devotion to pizza and their dog-and-mailman-type relationship with the local delivery guy.


When I tried unsuccessfully to order Seamless after a late night this week I felt weirdly understood by this little ditty, even 25 years after the fact. Over a distorted bare bones guitar riff and cymbal-heavy drums, Old Skull outline their pizza demands. And by "outline," I mean they screamo-sing menacingly about their need for extra cheese—Whoa, pizza man!!!/ Gimme all your pizza!!!/ I want everything on it!!!/ I told you I want it and I want it now!!!/ If you're late, it will be free!!! Same. Don't forget to tip your pizza man, though.

This 25-Year-Old Punk Song About Pizza Still Applies