Everything You Need To Know From The Apple Music Announcement

Live updates from the WWDC keynote.

Everything You Need To Know From The Apple Music Announcement Justin Sullivan/Getty

Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) kicks off Monday in San Francisco. During the keynote at 10:00 AM PST, Apple is expected to announce their new music streaming service, iOS updates, a new Apple TV, and more. Watch the keynote live here (on Safari or your Apple TV), and follow along with The FADER below.

Update 6/8/15 1:03 PM: The conference opened with a star-studded Bill Hader skit (Abed from Community! Angry Bird!).

Then Tim Cook took the stage in jeans to more formally get things started. "We've got a jam-packed morning for you," he teased.

Update 6/8/15 1:45 PM: Eddy Cue is excited.

Eddy Cue, Apple's senior vice president of Internet Software and Service who was instrumental in building iTunes store, has teased today's keynote on his Twitter.

Update 6/8/15 1:47 PM: Meet Jennifer Bailey.

In an interview with Mashable ahead of the conference, Tim Cook said that the widely watched keynote will not be all-male. And here we go: Apple has now brought Jennifer Bailey, an Apple Pay executive, on stage to talk about payments and Apple Pay's future in the UK.

Update 6/8/15 2:05 PM: Apple Maps adds Transit.

The new Maps will include a Transit view that will include public transportation routes and directions. Better yet, it will account for walking time to the subway station, and etc.

Update 6/8/15 2:13 PM: Look forward to better battery life.

Put down the Mophie—the iOS 9 update includes improvements that will allow for an hour more of battery mode. It will also feature a "low-power" mode that could free up three more extra hours.

Update 6/8/15 2:17 PM: Swift 2 will be open source.

Swift 2 will open up Apple's programming language for all developers, so DIY apps for everyone! This announcement earned a hearty applause from the audience.

Update 6/8/15 2:27 PM: The new Watch OS will bring native apps to your wrist.

FaceTime on your wrist.

Update 6/8/15 2:40 PM: We probably won't be getting a new Kanye West album out of this.

If you've tuned-in hoping that Swish might be dropped during the announcement, you can go back to work now. According to Buzzfeed's anonymous sources, Kanye West and Apple are still working “to finalize a deal, and negotiations between West and [Jimmy] Iovine continue.”

Update 6/8/15 2:54 PM: Apple Music will help you curate your music.

"It's a revolutionary music service curated by the leading music experts who we helped hand pick. These people are gonna help you with the most difficult question in music: when you’re listening to a playlist, what song comes next," Iovine says.


The teaser for the station also includes a new bit of Pharrell.

You can cop one, too. :)

Drake is here to discuss Connect, a service that will make it easier for artists to upload music.

"The dream of being a new artist like myself five years ago and connecting directly with the audience has never been more real," he says.

This has been fun but there still is a lot of ground to cover, as the NYT's Ben Sisario has pointed out on Twitter.
Update 6/8/15 3:18 PM: Here is what it will cost you...

$9.99 a month with first three months free for individuals; $14.99 for a family plan.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek seems...not impressed.
Everything You Need To Know From The Apple Music Announcement