Toupée’s First-Ever Music Video Is A Complete Nightmare

The Chicago punks debut a gruesome clip for “Mommy is a Mummy.”

June 08, 2015

I wrote about the unsettling first single from Leg Toucher, the new Toupée full-length, back in April. "Mommy is A Mummy," our second taste of what's shaping up to be a very good punk record, opens with some sneering guitars and the world's scariest chuckle, like the laugh of a homicidal pack-a-day smoker. Filmed over what director Michael Silberman calls "16 grueling hours," the video stars vocalist Whitney Allen and a decrepit basement. Allen powders her face, cries blood, peels her skin off with her fingernails—you know, a typical beauty routine.


"The lengths that some will go to remain beautiful forever are often frightening," Silberman told FADER. "We aimed to capture this unsettling strive for manufactured perfection." As the song grows more ferocious—discordant guitars, assaulting percussion, Allen's pretty-creepy voice singing Never gonna change—the clip does, too. "Dysmorphic culture chomps you into bits," the band told FADER. "Apply lacquer—there is no escape."

Leg Toucher is out July 7th via Moniker Records.

Toupée’s First-Ever Music Video Is A Complete Nightmare