Kevin Saunderson Debuts Deep New Joint Under E-Dancer Alias

“Foundation” still has that Paradise Garage vibe, he says.

June 09, 2015

It's a well-known fact, but one that's worth repeating: Kevin Saunderson is techno royalty. His story is one of a Brooklyn kid who moved to Detroit's suburbs in the '70s and made friends with a couple of kids called Derrick May and Juan Atkins. Spurring one another on, they started making music in the '80s and pioneered what we know to be Detroit techno today. Seeing as Saunderson and co. laid the foundation for today's widespread electronic adventuring, it's kinda apt that his latest release is a deep and sultry joint called "Foundation," and that it's being released under his E-Dancer alias—one he's not used since 1998.

"Out of all my other aliases—Inner City, Tronik House, Reese & Santonio, Reese Project, etc—E-Dancer remains the one that is closest to my heart, as it represents my favorite style of music," Saunderson told The FADER. "For me, there is nothing better than music that sounds dark, deep, soulful and groovy—that still has that bass that bites but stays true to that underground vibe. When I create and go to that zone in my head that inspires me, I can still envision being at the Paradise Garage listening to those insane speakers, and imagine the track I am writing is blasting on those speakers. For me, this feeling is the foundation of everything, and it it still strong enough to build on and move forward." Saunderson's KMS Records will release "Foundation" on July 6th.

Kevin Saunderson Debuts Deep New Joint Under E-Dancer Alias