A New Miley Cyrus Song Leaked

The singer shows her power-pop side.

June 09, 2015
A New Miley Cyrus Song Leaked Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

In her new Paper Magazine cover story, Miley Cyrus spoke briefly about working on her new album: apparently her approach has made her management nervous. "They're like, 'Don't make it too weird, don't make it avant-garde; you can't go from Miley to Björk,'" she told Paper, before noting that she was listening to the Flaming Lips, Gucci Mane, and Waylon Jennings. However, the Cyrus song that leaked this week doesn’t sound like any of those acts, and it's also a step away from the Mike Will and Pharrell beats that dominated Bangerz. Instead, the song features cleanly-strummed guitars, a handclapped beat, and shouts of “hey” on its way towards an EDM-leaning hook. You can listen to the song here.

A New Miley Cyrus Song Leaked