Pop-Tarts Got Jhené Aiko And DJ Mustard To Make Another Song Together

They’re joined by Jessie J and Rixton.

June 11, 2015

Since the release of her languorous, down-tempo debut, Souled Out, Jhené Aiko has been looking to prove she can do lively tracks too. First there was the brassy Chris Brown duet, “Drunk Texting.” Then came the 2015 Song of the Summer contender, “Post To Be,” with a rippling, joyous beat from DJ Mustard.


Now Aiko connected with Mustard again—the man seems to have an unlimited supply of these beats oozing out of his ears—for “Sorry To Interrupt.” This is another wide-ranging collaboration, as Aiko is joined by a pair of English artists: the power-shouter Jessie J and the soft-rocking boys in Rixton. Both adapt easily to Mustard's post-G-funk track.

The whole thing was put together by Pop-Tarts' "Crazy Good Summer" campaign. Middle-school breakfast foods are helping to create new music, which shows you that in 2015, basically anything is possible.