Kuroma Brings The Funk On “Love Is On The Way (Useless Life Remix)”

The pop-rock band’s new record Kuromarama is in stores now.

June 11, 2015

Pop-rock quartet Kuroma—who, incidentally, share over half their number with MGMT's live band—have a new version of their song "Love Is On The Way" for your ears. Taken from their new album Kuromarama, this "Useless Life" remix is a groovy, jazz-inflected rendition of the original Bo Diddley-sampled single. The 8-minute track's upbeat and soulful melody is reminiscent of every classic '70s skate rink jam—the ones that your parents still have on vinyl.

"I wanted to take Hank’s vocal, chop it up into a new shape, and put different chords on it to turn it into a jazzy, funky song with a weird message," Kuroma's James Richardson told The FADER. "I wanted to see how many jazzy notes I could squeeze out of the vocal. I shifted the lyrical focus too." The song features some surprise production elements which helped create the catchy riff. "I used a homemade talkbox for the guitar," Richardson continues. "It is basically a beer bong taped to the front of a little practice amp." The original version of "Love Is On The Way" is on the band's new album, Kuromarama, which is out now. Catch Kuroma playing with Of Montreal at the AthFest in Athens, GA on Saturday, June 27th.

Kuroma Brings The Funk On “Love Is On The Way (Useless Life Remix)”