Little Wings’ Dance Moves Are Amazing In The “Light Brang” Video

It’s from the California folk artist’s 11th album, Explains.

June 11, 2015

Kyle Field, the Californian artist, actor, and folk singer who just released his 11th album as Little Wings, could have filmed the "Light Brang" video anywhere. That he made it in Miyazaki, a famously scenic island in the south of Japan, makes it all the more special in its conceptual simplicity: it's just shots of Field, in the dark, playing with fireworks. But it works, somehow, maybe because it puts the focus on the dude's distinctly comic presence and the song's understated LOL wordplay (see: Stella got her groove back/ turtle got that smooth back).


Field told FADER that the clip came together in one day while he was in Japan visiting his girlfriend's grandmother. "We went to get dinner groceries and [my girlfriend] Aya pointed out that these were the fireworks she would get as a kid," Field recalled in an email. "We got the cheapest pack. After dinner I plied myself with a Blazing Saddles-style shot of tequila. We had enough sparklers for three takes, and we edited it the next morning, trying to make each other laugh with what sequence to go with...wrassling over the laptop, like two cubs who found meat." Little Wings' new record, Explains, is out now on Woodsist.

Little Wings’ Dance Moves Are Amazing In The “Light Brang” Video