8 Songs You Need In Your Life This Week

Tracks we love right now, and why they matter. In no particular order.

June 13, 2015
1. Davido x Meek Mill, "Fans Mi"

Nigerian singer Davido was born in Atlanta, which explains why he manages to make West Africa sound like the trap on "Fans Mi," a new song featuring none other than Meek Mill. It's not the first instance of a Naija-US collaboration, but it's one of the better ones, because of how seamlessly it blends Davido's Afrobeat style with Meek's street rap. Shout out globalization. — Rawiya Kameir

3. Elysia Crampton, "Petichrist"

On the otherworldly first song from her new album, Elysia Crampton—formerly E+E—deploys a series of sounds that could have easily been pulled from the FX board of a deranged Saturday morning cartoon: spaceman laser blasts and mad scientist laughter, among others. Though it's free of the haunting vocal samples that the “epic collagist” is known to favor, “Petrichrist” still feels like some sort of emotional mash-up; the six-minute track shuffles between moments of stress-inducing intensity and total, earth-shattering beauty. — Patrick D. McDermott

4. Dej Loaf, "Like A Hoe"

Dej Loaf's "Like A Hoe" is the most thorough anti-fuccboi anthem I've heard in 2015. It's got all the dark, don't-fuck-with-me vibes of "Try Me," but with the added power of Dej's recent success to back her up. She sets it up right out the gate, opening the track by rapping, Lately I been under pressure/ Makes me wanna put a fuck nigga on a stretcher. I, for one, would stay out of her way. — Rawiya Kameir

5. Widowspeak, "All Yours"

Someone played me the sad, sleepy title-track from Brooklyn rock band Widowspeak's new record using their iPhone while we were standing on a Greenpoint sidewalk. Even though my head was clouded by humidity, and the auxiliary sounds of the city at night made it tricky to hear, I could tell straight away that it was a heartbreaking track; it has a certain twangy, going-nowhere-fast quality about it, just like all my favorite back-porch summer songs. —Patrick D. McDermott

6. Fetty Wap, “Again”

Oh, you thought Fetty only had two, maybe three songs to his name? "Again" appears to have been posted months ago, and has already some 13 million plays, so we’re late to the party here—but the Festival Stage DJ played “Again” for about ten seconds last week after Fetty’s early afternoon performance at Summer Jam and it’s been running through our head since. It’s maybe not quite as explosive as “Trap Queen,” but it’s so sweet, in melody and meaning. It’s all about this hook: I’ll go out of my way to please you/ I’ll go out of the way to see you/ I ain’t playing no games/ I need you. Catchy and cute! [heart eyes]. — Zara Golden

7. Björk – Notget (Lotic Keptsafe version)

In Björk’s words: “The most clublike flamboyant anthems of [Lotic’s] always seem like shrieks of beasts, dark insects and pagan birds displaying their feathers in a territorial way.” With that image of a prowling figure with ruffled feathers in mind, her choice of the Berlin-based noisemaker to remix her heartbreak odyssey “Notget” couldn’t have been more astute, given the track—and Vulnicura on the whole—features Björk at her most animalistic and raw ever. Even so, here Lotic flips your expectations by dialing the track down to a beautiful simmer, letting Björk’s vocal thrash and contort centre-stage. — Aimee Cliff

8. Harrison, “You’re Light (Star Slinger Remix)”

It’s supposed to be pretty hot in New York this weekend, and I don’t have plans to leave or really to do much of anything at all. I would, however, like to find a sunny corner to curl up in and listen to this vibrant, daydreamy remix on repeat for a while because it sounds like it could transform even my barren tar Brooklyn rooftop into a much lush-er, lovelier scene. — Zara Golden

8 Songs You Need In Your Life This Week