Drake Might Be On RiFF RAFF’s New Album

The Neon Icon says Justin Bieber’s already on his sophomore LP, Peach Panther.

June 14, 2015

It seems like Jody Highroller is looking to expand the features on his new album. In a street-side encounter with TMZ, RiFF RAFF says he's working on his sophomore release, called Peach Panther, and the prospects for guest spots are looking bright. "Drake might come through, Wayne, Weezy. I already got Bieber on the album." He then goes on to call his new Las Vegas mansion the "Codeine Castle," in classic RiFF RAFF fashion.


The question is, is this just him messing with the paparazzi or is this true? After all, RiFF RAFF is Drake's last new friend, and he was listed in the thank-you note for If You're Reading This It's Too Late.

Drake Might Be On RiFF RAFF’s New Album