Lil B Made An Amazing Appearance On SportsNation Today

He dressed like someone’s auntie to explain everything from his curses to the cooking dance.

June 15, 2015

Lil B out-rared himself today on ESPN's SportsNation. Wearing a sun hat, chandelier earrings, and a lace blouse, the Based God made one of his more memorable appearances.


He explained his decision to reverse James Harden's curse: "I felt a little bad for Harding...with all the success and the positive that should come with being a Houston Rocket, we had to let him go. He was going through too much stuff."

He magnanimously decided not to curse Marreese Speights, who's expressed his dislike for Lil B: "I definitely was going to be addressing Marreese Speights after the finals to keep everything fair but he missed that dunk and a lot of people say that he cost the warriors the game," he said. "You see that everybody that usually speaks about Lil B in a negative way, they have some weird character flaw. Marreese misses a wide open dunk... forgive him man."

And he even let go that time LeBron James tried to jack the cooking dance: "There's definitely no curse on LeBron. We'll never try to interfere with everything that's natural," he explained. "We want the best players to win this game... My whole thing was making sure that these players who do these sports celebrations—like the cooking dance—that they know who created it, which was Lil B."

Watch Lil B's gem of an interview here before it gets taken down.

Lil B Made An Amazing Appearance On SportsNation Today