London O’Connor Gets Pissed Off On His New Single, “GUTS”

And reveals the album art he and Olivia Bee created for his new record, O∆.

June 15, 2015

During a recent conversation with London O'Connor, I asked the idiosyncratic rapper, singer, and producer about his penchant for wearing patterned kitchen dresses. "I was determined to never live in a suburb again, and I started dressing like a suburban housewife," he replied. So far, that longing to escape the deadening conformity of American suburban life has been a recurring leitmotif in his songs, and it also seems to be the concept behind the series of photographs he got Olivia Bee to snap for his upcoming debut record, O∆—pronounced "circle triangle," and out June 23rd via the artist himself.

The FADER is unveiling the cover art below, along with a brand new song, "GUTS," which sees him leveraging triumphal synths and both sung and rapped verses about a guy named Steve, about whom he makes his feelings pretty unambiguous: I hate your guts!, he wails in the chorus. I asked him to elaborate, and all he came back to us with was this: "DON'T BECOME STEVE. DON'T LET THEM BREAK YOU."

London O’Connor Gets Pissed Off On His New Single, “GUTS”